About Transtech

Transtech Technologies is a supplier of advanced technologies components and systems.

We provide solutions for customers in the RF, microwave and infrared Technology fields.

Our product range covers semiconductors, integrated circuits, components, assemblies, systems and instrumentation.

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The Transtech Products

Transtech offer a range of high quality electronic products
that are designed to maximise your performance.



Attenuators, Terminations, Power Dividers, Couplers...

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Amplifiers, Attenuators, Switches, Limiters, Mixers...

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Horn, Discrete, Blade, Omnidirectional, Multi Beam...

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The Transtech Suppliers

Transtech have a range of trusted suppliers, making sure
the quality is to the highest standard.


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Wireless RF

Antennas & Wireless base station enhanement products.

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RF & Microwave

High Power RF & Microwave Devices and Integrated Assemblies

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Microwave & Active

Microwave and Millimeter High Power Sources

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Transtech Technologies SAS | RF, Microwave & Infrared Technology Solutions